David Ruffin Jr. disclaimer; Welcome To My Rollercoaster”.

Being born during the Motown rise, this young future Rhythm & Blues crooner grew up standing in the shadows of Detroit’s Finest. The urban elements of blues, gospel, swing and a pinch of pop, combined with thumping beats, created trends that were instantly recognized as the Motown Sound. These particular voices and sounds had enough energy to power a diesel engine, and gave way to the unmistakable sound of Detroit’s own; The Temptations and The Four Tops.

David grew up watching his Father’s and Eddie Kendrick’s impeccable choreography, perfect harmony, and their stylish suits, become an avalanche of hits! Those were the soundtracks and showcases of his life. His father’s choreographed moves combined with his mothers natural talent (which landed her with The Motown Review dancers), DRJ could definitely handle himself on any dance floor or stage. It is energies such as these that set ablaze a trail of fire and emotion, by way of his writing style and delivery; giving birth to “Ruffinizms”- a DRJ, signature sound!

Jr’s vibrato has sustain or vibration when needed, so alongside his David Sr given, full throat vocals, David Jr. cranked out his up tempo theme song titled “All My Life”, which is a  collaboration with Jason “Fingers” Dees, David Cochran, Jazz Soul and Demetrius Martin. His previous tracks, “Muthaphuckawerk”, “Balcony”, and “Late Night” are close to 40K streams monthly on Spotify, and are still growing in numbers.

This hybrid sound of his, is often accused of autotune, but Ruffin’s vocals do enough interesting things to have you researching it for yourself by playing it repeatedly. Listen to his full length song, “Live & U Learn” and you will be equally impressed by David’s identifiable and story-telling song writing gifts. His spirited melodies and insightful lyrics will stir the emotion of almost any audience.

The websites Airspun and Garageband have spotlighted David’s songs, “All My Life” and “The Y Song (Keep the Faith)” as well as his homage to Bill Whithers with his version of “Lovely Day”. His live shows in California, Las Vegas, New York, and even Jamrock in Jamaica, have won the hearts of both fans and critics. Fans both new and loyal, will get a kick out of hearing, or perhaps even learning, about his collaborations, such as, The Grammy Award-winning hooks “Gin & Juice”, “The Shiznit”, “8 Mile” & “Soon” (a duet with Ms Miki Howard summer of 2016)

DRJ has “Club Rain” (Jacksonville, FLA), “B.B. Kings” (Universal Studios), “Club Live”, “The Strand” (CA) and The Beacon Theater (NYC) under his belt, just to name a few. He continues to be a top draw, leaving fans satisfied and happy to meet the heir to the Bloodline! DRJ is pushing another single that dropped May 1, 2019 entitled “Feel This Way”. An EDM spin and tweek of “My Girl” as a club tune. David also intends to release an LP early 2020, or as soon as late 2019. He is not sure if he is more proud or ashamed to have taken so long to complete this album; which would have, over time, and expenses, taken him almost 10 years to make. 2 singles are scheduled for release this summer, entitled; “R.O.O.T” (Running out of Time) & “Cry Cry Cry”. Both are touching, warm and thought provoking tunes.

Although Mr Ruffin Jr. is one of the lead singers of the Sons Of Motown and founder of this 5 member team of offspring, who are the actual sons of the Temptations, the time has come for DRJ to set aside some time to write his memoirs, and venture into more rewarding events and experiences. Hence this project may be a little less accessible or even less ready for production right this second, but …it will not go unfinished!

David is sure to continue exploring more of his options with acting, broadcasting and public speaking.

DRJ comes from good stock no matter how you look at it.. Not only does he have the combined good looks of his parents, he is a fashion enthusiast as well! He will be creating his apparel line branded David Ruffin Jr – The DRJ line, which is a Ruff Gear Initiative ®.

Cheers to the 1st quote that DRJ branded;

“Son Of A Legend, But Making My Own Way” …. He sure is.

*protected – “May the angel of David Ruffin be with you in song, throughout your existence”

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